I’ve been doing comedy in Toronto since 2005, including  sketch and comedic plays with the Polecats (Toronto, Montreal, San Francisco Fringe festivals), stand-up (just me), improv (Jet Fighter Pilots) and occasionally I would perform with performance art/comedy duo LIFE OF A CRAPHEAD when they needed someone to play “dumb white guy”. I was a regular on their hit live show, DOORED where I hyped the crowd. I also gave a lecture called “Being an Asshole” on the March 2011 edition of Toronto’s Trampoline Hall Lecture series, which allows people to give talks on things they’re not experts in. I wrote a blog from 2007-2013 that you can find here. Now I use this website as a blog. 

I produce and host WEIRD AL KARAOKE, Toronto’s only and hottest song parody show.

My friend Andy and I made up this fake band

You can catch me performing in Toronto when I’m feeling brave, on this CMT panel show, and on the first season of this web series, Space Janitors.

On this site you’ll find the stuff I do that’s suitable for the Internet.  A few people were hurt during the creation of this website, but no one liked them anyway  and I didn’t even do it.

Contact me for recipes and games.  

Check me out on the hottest apps:

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