Website Launch

I’d like to officially welcome you to the brand new Thanks to everyone who came out to the big ribbon cutting yesterday afternoon! SPECIAL thanks to Jangorr the Troll Lord for cleaning himself up and cutting the actual ribbon. To Jangorr’s left  is Mayor Ponks with his mistress Billé, and beside her town actor Bronco Helpings. To the right we were honoured to welcome “World’s Oldest Man” Ken Blend and his bride of 96 years, Julia.

To celebrate, I’ve partnered with local businesses to offer you the following OPENING DAY deals:

Head over to the Naples Zoo the next time Father’s Day happens and admit one bear dad FREE.

Bears get hungry, so after he’s had his fun, bring him over to Spinners and get $2.00 off a large pie. Spinners – Our Pizza is Tasty, Our Logo Is Racist

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