I’ve got a wiggly feeling about this

With all this summer heat it must be extremely tough for those in the street soup business. From all of us here at glennmacaulay.com, good luck and may your broths be savory and full of flavour.

In other news, my world famous personal blog has been as hot as a bowl of Italian Wedding on the 4th of July! There have been several updates lately that may unlock a secret emotion deep down inside you that you never knew existed. It happened to me. I now experience a boredom variant I call “Pennooning”.

If you’re hiding in a closet with your laptop because there are dogs after you, take some time to check out these Fyre Dryll album covers that myself and my friend Andy made.

I’ll be taping an episode of Rogers TV’s Late Night with Matty D on July 16 at the Garrison in Toronto. If you don’t own a TV then you have no choice but to come.

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