Where I’ve Been

It’s been just over a month since I reminded the world that I was born on April 8th. Where the hell have I been? More like, Where the hell have I BIN?!

I had the pleasure of acting as wig master for the Navy Seals Six team that took down Osama “The Afghan Pug” Bin Laden. Such a dangerous, covert operation takes several hours and thousands of wigs to pull off. If a blonde man were to step foot within 50 feet of Bin Laden’s compound he would’ve been identified as “American: As Apple Pie” by Bin Laden’s Reptile Guards quicker than you can microwave a pussy willow.

Anyway, glad I was a part of it. Here’s a rare pic of the team in full disguise just before eating their last spaghetti meal before the big kill. Special shout out to the makeup team — Bick Dickle, Ryan Circles and the lovely Ms. Legs.

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