Advent calendar – December 13

Since it’s Friday the 13th you decide to stay in bed underneath the steel wool blanket you knit last time you heard one of those reports about killer bees making their way north. There’s only one problem: you must get up and go downstairs to the breakfast table to retrieve your Advent calendar to open today’s square. You wrap yourself in the blanket, run downstairs and grab the calendar, narrowly avoiding a piping hot black cat that leaped out of the oven straight at you. Now safe and sound you make sure all your alarms are set before opening the square. Once opened you find:

ImageA fun guessing game! The game presents four rare inventions, revealing all but one. Using the clues from the revealed three you must try to guess the fourth, then create a craft using them all. You hope you’ll be able to build something to keep the eels out of the air conditioner but something festive would be nice too.

Only 12 days until one of your family gets sick and says something like “Wouldn’t you know it? Sick on Christmas. What’s next, horny on Easter?”.

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