Advent calendar – December 21

The kiln is going to take another twenty minutes or so to get hot enough to bake your clay ladder. You’re going to need that ladder to climb up to the new kiln designed to bake pottery as well as real deal Neapolitan pizza. You let Nick take the rest of the afternoon off so he can line-up at the pet store for the new geckos, the ones that don’t smell. This is a good a time as any to unveil today’s Advent loot. With burned and calloused fingers you rub away the protective coating to reveal:

ImageThe world’s worst pair of jeans! Okay, so it sounds bad when I put that way, but the world’s worst anything is very valuable. You can put these babies in a frame and hang them next to all your championship banners and photos of under-appreciated character actors. OR you can run them up your flag pole and declare allegiance to the rich history of human garments. 

Only four days left until you get more socks than your know what to do with and that’s just fine because daaaaaamnnn they feel fresh. 

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