Tea vs. coffee vs. Colin Hanks



Probably tea

Colour: Yellow Brown
Ideal Temperature: Hot in the winter, ice cold in the summer, lukewarm for prank on grandpa’s birthday
Country of Origin: Anywhere with leaves
Caffeine: Let me check
Mix it with: Milk, honey, lemon, sugar, Marmite
Best Enjoyed: While reading a good book or after sex with a brainiac



Bowl of coffee

Colour: Black Brown
Ideal Temperature: Hot
Country of Origin: I don’t know
Caffeine: Not enough according to today’s busy parents
Mix it with: Cream, sugar, milk, cinnamon, donut, dirt to make stage mud
Best Enjoyed: Before an A.M. funeral

Colin Hanks


Colin Hanks

Colour: Beige with brown fibres
Ideal Temperature: Reasonably warm
Country of Origin: United States
Caffeine: Most mornings except Tuesdays when Samantha takes the kids to school and Colin gets to sleep in. On these days he rises around 10:30am PST, sends Samantha a “good morning” text and checks the Internet for news and any social media mentions. He used to subscribe to the L.A. Times but delivery was spotty and what’s the point anyway? He’ll grab an couple of oranges from the tree out back and make a juice with the oranges, some carrot, ginger root, spinach and pineapple. When he drinks it down he thinks to himself, “for body, mind and soul”. He cracks a smile, washes the glass and calls his agent.
Mix it with: Comedy or drama, he can do both.
Best Enjoyed: On the big or small screen

Which do you prefer?

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