Advent Calendar 2014 — December 1

It’s that time of year when you can start talking about Santa’s sack of toys without mom slapping your chest and telling you “it ain’t quite time for the big guy to fly”. In honour of all the good things that happen during the Holiday season, presents this year’s Advent Calendar Adventure…

You awaken on the marble floor of a wide, opulent hallway lined with enormous pillars of obsidian holding up 75 foot ceilings. Each wall is covered with unusual and unfamiliar pieces of art of varying size and style. You rub your tired eyes, stand up and catch your reflection in a polished mirror that’s been grafted to one of the walls below a painting of a guitar with boobs. You’re dressed in plain white cotton from head to toe and on your feet you wear shoes of red canvas. You have no memory of how you arrived here. The last thing you remember clearly is being called to a meeting at work where an an improv troupe was attempting to sell the company on a corporate package that included expert instruction from a guy who looked like a bat.  You look up and down the hallway, which appears to have no end or beginning. Out of the corner of your eye, one piece of art catches your attention. It looks like this:


There’s something that sets this piece apart from the rest but you can’t quite put your finger on it until you ignore every rule you’ve ever heard regarding art galleries and put your finger on it. It seems to be on some sort of hinge so you you feel around its frame and swing it open toward you. On the other side, another painting reveals itself:


You don’t know why, but something about the strange painting entices you to touch it, probably because there isn’t anyone around to tell you otherwise and touching the first painting yielded results. Rather than feel the texture of the painting itself, you hand goes right through it as if it wasn’t there. You pull your hand back suddenly and examine it closely. It’s fine. Without second-guessing you climb through the painting and an adventure that you’ll never forget, begins…

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