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Real life superheroes

Superheroes are more popular than ever because we’ve finally realized that normal people can’t do shit about anything. As far as we know, the superheroes of our comic books don’t exist but that doesn’t mean there aren’t people out there who have special abilities that make life better. Here are some real life superheroes that are making a difference:


The parents who bathe their infant in milk, just in case

The blind dog who can’t stop sniffin’ vinegar


Uncle Tim… NOT.

These motherfuckers

These motherfuckers


The garbage man who says “THIS is why I never want kids” whenever he comes across a bag of used diapers, though his colleagues know he can’t gave kids because of a tick that burrowed into his sack when he was 12. 

Chicks with attitude

The guy who claims he's a nudist even though he wears a jockstrap when he drives

The guy who claims he’s a nudist even though he wears a jockstrap when he drives

That little fuckin’ smear who lives next door

Simone “Bart” Simpson

Old Scott down at Chubby’s

The radio DJ who wears a bib for several different reasons

The radio DJ who wears a bib because his wife was sick of washing the spit off the front of his shirts

The cod fisherman who has always wanted to try on a pair of Air Jordans

neuse_farmer copy

The organic farmer who can’t remember where the Beavis doll that’s tied to the grill of his tractor came from

The old lady who refuses to swear unless her son dies


The Mayor of Chillsville

Ontario's Shed Heads

All of Ontario’s Shed Heads