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Weird Al Karaoke this Friday


Torontonians should stop what they’re thinking about and start thinking about attending this month’s edition of WEIRD AL KARAOKE, the city’s only show where comedians sing their own parody songs to backing tracks. Holy shit, what a fun sounding evening. It’s June 6th at 10pm at Comedy Bar at five dollars. This month we got:

James Hartnett
Miguel Rivas
Brendan Halloran & Stacey McGunnigle
Scott Yamamura
Craig Anderson
Evany Rosen
Gillian Bartolucci
Jon Blair

With hosting by me, Weird Glenn and lights and sound by DJ Sports (Andy Hull).

To hear some songs I’ve sung at past events, click your fuckin’ mouse right here.


Weird Al Karaoke

Weird Al Karaoke

My show is back. Bring a copy of this poster signed by Johnny Knoxville and you can get in for 3 clams instead of 5.