Not about a parking ticket

Here’s a summer poem that I wrote last summer, posted on my blog, performed live then posted again on my blog yesterday. This baby has more mileage than Forrest Gump, except that idiot ran around for no reason while this poem aims to promote everything from world peace to air conditioners. Mostly it’s about gender equality and wildlife preservation, but hey, I don’t want to guide you here, reading poetry is about discovering oneself and then finding a sick beat to bring it all together. The rap version of this particular poem samples “Dare to be Stupid” by Weird Al with additional drums from the score of “Radio Flyer”.

The Weather this summer

Holy shit it’s been hot
Imagine you were a bear?

Those guys have body beards
And sweat their fair share

Hairy men suffer too
But enough with the gents

Are tits like insulators?
Are vaginas like vents?

Maybe women are like camels
Their humps keep them icy

But hot milk goes sour
Does heat make tits smell not nicey?

Picture a bear with big tits
she’d be in summer hell

Full circle poem huh?
Hot, bear, tits, milk, camels

This one is all wrapped up
So feel the damn heat

And men just remember boys
Chill out your wife’s teats

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