River of Conciousness

chustice and rustice blowing down everything they see while trailing behind a big dog. From my perspective we were weasels, in search of something we didn’t know existed. Until tomorrow we never know what’s going to happen especially to jer although she sleeps like crazy until cows milk turns black. Black milk, I wouldn’t wish it on my eldest grasshopper unless it was signed sealed and delivered by the queen herself. I’m doing this and it feels good but I’m not sure it will work in helping me tell stories. They say it’s good to just get anything down on paper. Maybe I should try real paper. Is this faster than paper? can you type faster than you write? Probably not, though some people can write really fast, but not in the old days, every piece of writing was good calligraphy. Did chicken scratch even exist back then? No i guess not beacuse paper costed as much as a flock of hens probably and ink was make of I don’t know, berries or pig blood. Back to the stream. One day we’ll find ourselves asking “what happend to uncle timby” and the next thing you know it’ll be christmas. I’m scared im thinking about this too much. Going back and fixing spelling erros really slows the flow, I don’t think I’m supposed to do that. I like that word “erros”, sounds like the name of a band from one of the smaller provinces. Those two quotations and the comma were really a bump in the road. to get that last sentence I had to re-read the sentence before which I think is cheating, but why should this exercise be limited to people who can type fast? ah well, bring it on birdie and don’t skip the sauce. does anything count as conciousness? Should I go and erase all that stuff about fixing errors? am i supposed to go back and read this later or should I just consider it exercise, like after you’re done lifting weights do you forget about it or go back over every curl in your mind while you’re eating a well balanced meal post workout by yourself in your condo while your untrained dog you bought purely for looks looks bored. I wonder if chefs do this with recipes. Dinner is so soon. Okay, this is just me thinking regularly now, I gotta get weird again, I think that’s the point. party time in pick town with lolloy sue and the gaggle girls, ready to do what they were put on this earth to do – sell pillows and make sure everything stays cold. I had a thought but I paused and I lost it.It was poignant too. Words like poignant slow the typing. Maybe this is the idea right here. A free form writing exercise where the guy slows down and it goes to shit. I could submit it to the new yorker. would they even look at it? Punctuation, that stops the flow too. Ah geez.  Oh boy what a wonder a five foot hight girl with unstoppable letters and charms. Instead of mud this ear , oh god I always talk about mud, why can’t my mind get off it for a second. Mud, soup, and Harry Belfonte songs, always in my head. okay, i really thought about that last one. I wanted to think of a song. STREAM COMPLETE.

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