In other dimensions the sport of “Track and Field” is vastly different from our dimension’s version. 

In Dimension 7, the sport is played in teams of two with one player acting as the “hunter/pusher”, and the other the “prey/chomper”. 

The prey is released into the wilds, getting a two hour head start before the hunters starting tracking their teammate using a variety of methods. One popular method is to have the prey poo as much as possible allowing the hunter to sniff ‘n find, utilizing months of smell training. This regimen sees the prey eating the same, unique meal every day, pooing as much as possible and having the hunter work on his or her sniffs, memorizing specific stinks unique to the prey. 

Once the prey is tracked and caught, the two person team makes their way to the field where they must form a human mow. The prey must eat all the grass in his or her segment and the first to do so wins the blue bib. 


Those in the background are all chewing a popular dimensional treat – pool water thickened with corn starch

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