2015 Advent Calendar — December 17

Your December 17 Advent treat window looks like this:


You use a scalpel to carefully cut it away and vacuum up the go0 to reveal today’s AC/DC-inspired hard rock holiday track:

Here are the lyrics that I thought up while cooking a delicious pea risotto:

This is a story about a Christmas woman
She stays jolly all year long

Red nose like Rudolph
Big tummy like Old Saint Nick

She smells like Reindeer
Wears a coat that’s very thick 

Cuts down pines in the month of May
Christmas Carol

Drives to work in rusty old  sleigh
Christmas Carol

For dinner she only eats candy canes
Christmas Carol

There’s something wrong with that woman’s brain
Christmas Carol

Checks up her chimney every night
Painted her grass a snowy white
Give her a box and she’ll wrap it good
She’s my favourite gal in the neighbourhood

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