2015 Advent Calendar — December 24

Your December 24 Advent treat window looks like this:


You melt through it using a hot piece of iron you’ve been saving for a rainy today to reveal today’s classic Glenn holiday track:

It’s kinda cheating because it’s four years old but this challenge was tough and this song rules. Here are the lyrics, co-written by Warren G and Nate Dogg:

We regulate any stealing of his property
And we damn good too
But you can’t beat any geek off the street,
Gotta be handy with the steel
If you know what I mean, earn your keep
Regulators! Mount up!

(Warren G:)
It was a clear black night, a clear white moon
Warren G was on the streets, trying to consume
Some skirts for the eve, so I can get some funk
Just rollin’ in my ride, chillin’ all alone

Just hit the Eastside of the HBC
On a mission tryna find a gift for Warren G
Seen a rack full of toys ain’t no need to pause
All you skirts know what’s up with Santa claus

(Warren G:)
So I hooks a left on the 21 and Lewis
Some brothas shootin’ dice so I said “Let’s do this”
I jumped out the ride,
And said “What’s up?”
Some brothas pulled some gats so I said “I’m stuck.”

Since these toys on sale i’ma buy them all
These cashiers lookin so bored, they work at the mall
Wont’cha think of better things than some bored cashiers
I think I’ll call Warren G and we can get some beers

(Warren G:)
I’m gettin’ jacked, I’m breakin’ myself
I can’t believe they taking Warren’s wealth
They took my rings, they took my Rolex
I looked at the brotha said “Damn, what’s next?”

I call Warren G he doesn’t answer the phone
Maybe I’ll just split and watch Home Alone
It’s a good Christmas flick, for when you’re feeling blue
And when it’s all done put in Home Alone 2

(Warren G:)
They got guns to my head
I think I’m going down
I can’t believe this happenin’ in my own town
If I had wings I could fly
Let me contemplate
I glanced in the cut and I see my homey Nate

It’s snowing outside and looks real nice
Man, I hope Warren G didn’t go and play dice
He always gets into trouble with this guy named Nate
It’s not uncommon that they’re forced to regulate

I laid all my parcels down, I gave my cat a pet
Turn on my computer and log onto internet
Check out Facebook, type in “warren G”
Saw the following status update staring back at me:

(Warren G:)
Now Nate got the freaks
And that’s a known fact
Before I got jacked I was on the same track
Back up back up cause it’s on
N A T E and me
The Warren to the G

Just like I thought
He was hangin’ with Nate
and it sounds like he got jaaaaacked
Ah geez I’m hungry
I’m in need of a goddamn snaaaack

I saw a large pizza sexy as hell
I said “Oh I like your size.”
extra cheese with meat and some bro-co-li, peppers, on the side
I got a belly full of pie and it’s going real swell
The next track is jingle bellllllllss (fade in jingle bells)

(Warren G:)
I’m tweaking
Into a whole new era
Step to this
I dare ya
On a whole new level

What this track needs is some Aaron Neville

(Warren G:)
We brings
Where rhythm is life
And life is rhythm

If you know like I know
You don’t wanna step to this
It’s the christmas era
Funked out with a gangsta twist
If you joke like I joke
Then you smile like everyday
And if your ass is a buster
Santa Claus will regulate

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