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2015 Advent Calendar — December 12

Your December 12 Advent treat window looks like this:


You scream, “OPEN THE FUCK UP” at it and it obliges, revealing today’s southern-tinged holiday track:

Here are the lyrics that came to me in a dream where my teeth were on fire:

Well I like the smell of cigarettes
And I don’t mind sniffin’ caves
But when the clock strikes christmas
There’s another smell I crave

It ain’t the smell of turkey
And I don’t care much for bread
So when I think of Santa Claus
I put a candle near my head

light it up
breathe it in
merry christmas
to my kin 

Keep you spices, gingerbread
and stockings full of citrus
I love the smell of candles on christmas

Keep your turkey, apple pie
and grandma’s homemade biscuits
I love the smell of candles on christmas