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Proper essay structure

I recently completed a rigorous semester of study at the University of School, and although I maintained a ‘P’ average I wish I had’ve known how to write a proper essay before getting there.

To help out future students I’ve created a simple diagram that should help to guide you through your first essay. Thank you so much.


Macaulay on Macaulay – Part 1

The following excerpt is from an essay by the author recently published in the European Journal of Modern Boy Studies entitled “Macaulay on Macaulay”. From chapter 1, page 34, appendix 4.b:


“His mop of golden hair is what struck me, initially. It perfectly encapsulated mischievousness while still projecting innocence. I was just another boy with hair of brown, unable to feel a sense of uniqueness, yearning for a feature that I might be able to call my own. Did I find it? My friend, the tale of that journey is still being written!”