2015 Advent Calendar — December 19

Your December 19 Advent treat window looks like this:


You slurp it up to reveal today’s sunny holiday track:

Here are the lyrics in perfect English:

Sitting around the christmas tree
Eating meatballs merrily
great grandmother says to me
“Here’s my egg nog recipe:

First Boil the oil
then add some salt
Stir in vinegar,
preferably malt

This is your base
now wait an hour
your kitchen
should smell extremely sour

You gotta make it sweet
and thicken it up
So break out the honey
and add ketchup

stir with with black liquorice
give it a taste
Should be tangy
and thick as paste

Bury in the backyard
and let it ferment
prepare the finishing

You’ll need some sardines
and coffee grinds
goat’s milk, chocolate
and fresh pork rinds

dig it up
mix with your right hand

stir it up
remove the dirt and sand

seal it up
leave in the bathroom

now relax
you’ll have nog soon”

I told my dad what she had said
he said “don’t worry she’ll soon be dead
Don’t make that recipe, she’s lost her mind
My nog never includes pork rinds”

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