420 Snak Pak 2016 — Yuppie Edition

Using marijuana for relaxation and bettering of Disney movies is more widespread than ever. Not only are teenagers of divorced parents getting stoned, but all peoples across all income levels. In the past we’ve provided weed’s core audience with a visceral 4/20 experience, but this year we’d like to toss a treat toward the wealthier red eyes who may be new to the trip that sees no class. Please enjoy this Snak Pak, Yuppie Edition:


Suck in the joke smoke or start a vapour caper, press ‘play’ on your brain and let the universe reign. Take the wave valet to the shade chalet. Let’s begin. 

There are rarer tones that you have the means to afford but today we are one and the notes are in bulk. Which clef would you prefer? Allow the numbers to decide for they are the only true source ©


Reflection is as truthful as chemistry when both feet are crystal deep. Ponder your mirror with these ancient postulates:


…You are on the scale of the universe but your mass is insignificant in the web of infinite vortexes.

Your money has no value in the stars… but if the coin is not the Holy one then what place does it have in this dimension we call “now”?

Your clean suits and shimmery body gloves are masks crafted by the vanity of evolution’s children. Which elders CAN you trust? A smile will guide you toward the natural leader.


Expel the five whims. Expel the five whims. Expel the five wh—–ims.


You are the only traveller you need. You are the road. The destination lies not in the form but in the question. Heed the signs, believe the limits.


What of the fuel?


You ingest what you believe is superior but how can there exist a hierarchy when the molecules of being are not the ones who are begging?

Annual General Meeting

Every question can be asked in new modes but some are more dynamic than others. Let us bow and pretend.

Is sleep also the cousin of bloopers?
Would you sacrifice your eyes to rid yourself of ‘up’ and ‘down’?
Where does hair end and brain begin?
If there’s something in nothing then is nothing some thing?
Would a diaper benefit or hinder a hibernating bear?
What if Stonehenge represents the three meals?


“My thinking is de-railed and I’m tied up to the tracks, on the Train Of Consequences there ain’t no turning back”
– D. Mustaine

* Credit to http://fruitsoftheweb.tumblr.com/ for some gifs I lifted. Others I googd. Thank you!

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