2015 Advent Calendar — December 13

Your December 13 Advent treat window looks like this:


You stab through it with your mother’s old Edmonton Expo ’84 pencil to reveal today’s bangin’ holiday track:

Here are the lyrics in case you need something for Poem Club this week:

An iPad pro with retina display
New socks, new hat, tickets to a play

I want Playstation games
and a new TV
Gummi bears in my stocking
and some  organic tea

Get me a smart watch
Some good scotch
a guitar amp
Could use a drone,
new phone
and a skateboard ramp

Some leather shoes
Would put me in the mood
for some artisanal food
and a local craft brew    

I really want a big sword
a billboard
With a picture of me
Giving bedroom eyes

I want the whole town to see
How pretty I look
They will become my pawns
I’ll be the motherfuckin rook

Give me a brand new tank
and a ton of guns
I want to own the bank
and raise a hundred sons

Find me a hot queen
Named colleen
A big old house
Get me a pool table
Horse stable
Golden blouse

I’ll wanna be your new god
that’s what I want

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