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420 Snak Pak, Twenty Ate Teen

Today is the day to inhale the sweet acrid fog of the 4/20 flower and let it envelop every wrinkle of the brain that was created from the same soil as the weed that got you there in the first place — WE ARE ONE — forget that you have a memory but REMEMBER that you have forgotten the truth. This is your space. This is your Snak Pak.

Load Sequence



Look underneath the wig of the jester and you might just find the King. Perception is 9/10ths of the law unless you allow authority the freedom to play. PLAY is the motion of the unbound…

Begin this year’s exercise by removing the skin your mother gave you and that is your clothes because the Earth gave you your skin and your clothes are a myth created by forces long dead.

I. Overture

Attach a hose to your nose and put the other end in your ear. You will smell your ear and hear your nose for the first time…

Every ear contains Mother Sound, every nose Daughter Smell _-_-_-_ Are they related? You will know soon.

Data does not contain anything that the clouds can perceive until it can be translated by the wind

II. Awakening

Look at your feet through binocular, telescope or opera glass. Your feet and your eyes are of the same nation yet will never be allies so show them the potential of an impossible future. Are you dreaming yet?

III. Education (The Rift)

Every second is a lesson as long as you give time a hall to preach wisdom. Do not forget that in each molecule lies potential and that no spirit claims that a secret.


Conservation IS preservation so why is one a ‘C’ and one a ‘P’? The gatekeepers know but their cages are made of your denials thus the key is in letting go of all your “whatevers”.

IV. The Movement

Sing the song of the dynamic God. Those who deny movement and speed do not understand the flux inherent in astral beings. When you stop you do not stop because GO is the only truth and you can’t GOD with GO…. If your mind has difficulty accepting do not fret as this is the script that leads to the film of UNDERSTANDING directed by YOU and produced by US with acting by Hollywood’s finest.

Will you come with me? The answer cannot be ‘yes’ and it cannot be ‘no’ unless ‘yes’. There are bigger riddles but they are beyond this realm. Chew, my friend.


The clock strikes 4/21 and you feel stuck in the jelly of yesterday. I have no solution, your battle is unique.

VI. Treats

Have you tried those new Starburst gummy sours? They’re not very good.

420 Snak Pak, 2015

As is customary on glennmacaulay.com, we’d like to help you on your 4/20 flight  with our traditional 4/20 snak pak. Enjoy the words, sounds, fonts, thoughts and colours that we’ve sewn together to create a tapestry that will guide you through your trip to the sky and beyond. Roll up that dried lettuce and find a comfortable table because it’s time open the doors and let the tide roll in. To you, traveler, we say… good luck… good food… good vibes… good waves… goodness gracious.



Sound is the child of the brain’s tongue. Before you ignite, taste the inside of all possibilities with this tone-setting track:

Step 1 – Inh@le

h9991437_002 copy
There is no diagram to the human spirit. Find your spirit by looking into the marble mirror. Ask the questions. Get the answers. Deny the answers. Ask the answers.

Step 3 – Exhale


If we cannot define matter then how do we know its name? All astral beings are privy to the riddles of our dreams.

 Step 1 – Search your mind


Do you see your bridge? Don’t just jump into the sea of possibility, do flips into it and dry off with the stars.

 Step – Breath with your brain


If all life breaths the same air then the air is not special. What is special is what you do with your air. Sex is existence. 

 Stepp 8 – Appreciate all creatures



Stet 1 – NUDITY


A mask hides truth but what happens when the mask is the truth? Seek the prism, deny the sea ahead.

 STeps – Your place in the universe

idaAwmSQ7KAxSzabfBNs_Bolgna WTF

We are each a moon because we each have light. Never trust your own gravity.

 Step 8 – Harvey’s


Harvey’s stuffed cheeseburger is back for a limited time. We take Harvey’s classic patty and stuff it to the gills with fresh Ontario cheddar. Get yours now before it’s too late and have a great April 20th!!