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The NFL’s most questionable suspensions

In the wake of Tom Brady’s suspension over bad footballs, we take a look back at some of the National Football League’s most memorable acts of discipline:


Don Beebe: 3 games and a$5,000 fine for scrawling “Don’s Room KEEP OUT” on the inside of his locker


Flipper Anderson: 1 game for promoting AM radio on FM radio


Brian Bosworth: 5 games for drawing eyes on his shoelaces and making them look like little snakes.


Mark Brunell: 2 games and a $2300 fine for changing all the clocks in the locker room behind an hour so he’d have enough time to buy a “sorry I tried on your wedding dress” cake for his wife.

Mark Duper: 1 playoff game for signing an endorsement deal with Iams using the blood of his neighbour’s cat


Kordell Stewart: 7 games for clicking a pen while his son watched E.T. after Kordell got upset that he wasn’t able to watch a circus documentary he had heard about.


Joe Thiesmann: 3 games for leading off a pre-game prayer with “God, I know you’re busy trying to find me a Scottish version of Fran Drescher, but…”

Charles Woodson: 5 games for pickling his mouth guard in a brine that didn’t include mustard seed.


Ronnie Lott: 1 game for building a nest in the weight room using unauthorized yarn.

Brett Favre: 4 games for taking grass from Solider Field and sprinkling it on his voodoo field at home


Josh Brown: 9 games for designing his autograph so that if flipped upside down, it spells out “I’M NOT DUMB YOU ARE”


Dwayne Bowe: 5 games for not seeking league permission in licensing his line of headphones that look like protective cups.


New song about blue jays


Step to the plate, hit a homerun
fly to the park, peck at a bun
doesn’t matter if you’re a bird or a man
Toronto loves you like no one can

BLue jays the team don’t live in no tree
blue jays the birds fly proud and fly free
Blue jays the team don’t have no feathers
Blue jays the birds always fly together

9 men out there, ready to play
9 birds out there, a viper’s prey
Bats and balls for the human jays
Rats and worms for the bird blue jays

They both want food, they both want water
They both love grass and weather that’s hotter
They both wear blue and they both love seeds
Blue Jays are what Toronto needs

My favourite blue jay is a tweeter named Lisa
My favourite blue jay is jose bautista
one is rich, the other don’t have money
Both live here and love the taste of honey

9 men out there, ready to play
9 birds out there, a viper’s prey
Bats and balls for the human jays
Rats and worms for the bird blue jays