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2015 Advent Calendar — December 18

Your December 18 Advent treat window looks like this:


You take it on a date and it isn’t interested in a relationship so you’re able to look past it to find today’s audio advent track–a sequel to December 15’s Christmas Dinosaur:

Here are the lyrics so you can show your Sunday School teacher:

Christmas Dinosaur arose from the grave three days after dying
He spent 40 days just walking around eating bugs, roaring and crying
His friends and family exploded in the blast so he felt a lot of sadness
He looked up above and asked his dad, “what is all this madness”?

Dinosaur God said,
“Chill, it’s fine, y
ou can join me up on cloud nine.
Pretty soon I’ll invent humankind
and Dinosaurs will blow their minds”

Christmas dinosaur smiled at his dad, ascended into heaven
He frollicked in the clouds, had sex with girls and made a friend named Kevin

2015 Advent Calendar — December 15

Your December 15 Advent treat window looks like this:


You wiggle your way through it and find today’s holiday track sitting on a crystal crate:

Here are the lyrics, certified by the Canadian Alliance of Unlicensed Bartenders:

In prehistoric Bethlehem
There was a star
It led three Brontosaurus
To the jungle floor

They brought some water, grass and meat
as gifts to give
Because a special dinosaur
Was ready to live

Christmas Dinosaur
Christmas Dinosaur

This dinosaur would soon grow up
and help the poor
He did some magic, grew a beard
made friends with whores

He made some others mad
because he was the shit
then everyone exploded
When a comet hit

Christmas Dinosaur
Christmas Dinosaur